Sonny Hoffman

Account Executive

The Key to Success is an Effective Branding & Marketing Strategy!

Branding your business and product is getting more challenging than ever! Consumers have more choices and are constantly distracted. Lake Cloud Entertainment Network gives you a new avenue to reach customers without breaking your marketing budget.


Why LCEN is better than traditional marketing methods:

  1. Television advertising is expensive. Production costs are often as much, if not more than, the cost of running the ad.
  2. Radio is only effective with saturation of audience drive time…and it is very expensive to own a drive time.
  3. Money mailers give away money in coupons. You may not want to give free or discounts or pay costly paper or postal fees.
  4. Social media marketing is difficult to track and requires a lot of time. Even if you have a staff dedicated to keeping your Facebook and online accounts relevant with current information, it can be difficult to track the actual leads that originate from these sources.

How Does  Lake Cloud Entertainment Network ? 

Making the Decision to Add Branding Value to your Business is Essential in Todays Fast Paced Digital Marketing Campaigns. Delivering your Message has gotten harder and more complex which comes with a premium expense. LCEN offers a Variety of Digital Messages. LCEN is a CPA Internet Marketing Affiliate. Digital Ambassadors. Public Relations, and Live Stream Event Coordinators. Scalable Budgets to meet you specific target needs. From 1 Brand Ambassador to a Full Event Staff. LCEN provides services that were only offered in Television Networks. Brand in the Future. Live Streaming is Broadcasting.


  • Attract new customers online, Drive Traffic to sales
  • Affordable and scaleable to any size budget.
  • Track customer engagement by offering special promotions only viewable via LCEN.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors. Reach potential customers before they do!
  • Reinforce a consistent brand message.
  • Deliver a New Call To Action

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